The Day After the Super Bowl (No free ride for either side)

…the door is open but the ride ain’’t free”

Thunder Road – Bruce Springsteen



Super Bowl Winners

Execution, Innovation, Excellence


!!!! I am not…in any way, shape or form a New England Patriots fan…in fact, if anything I’m an Eagles fan but that’s neither here nor there…

It is true that I enjoy sports…

So much of what I know about social graces, interpersonal communication, humility, and reality are from lessons learned on the Philly playgrounds. I’ve been coaching youth basketball for more than 20 years…have tried hard to share those lessons with the young people I’ve been fortunate enough to coach and to this day quite enjoy learning what I do from high-performance athletes…

(Regardless of the forum) Execution, innovation, and excellence are how winning happens…

Again, I’m not a Pats fan…I barely watched yesterday’s game…but did find the post-game interviews informative as well as further validation about winning

Those interviews included:

  1. Enough highlights to get the essence of what happened in the game
  2. Conversations with players from both sides providing what seemed genuinely honest perspectives of how and why each side fared as they did.
  • The Ram players were humble and refreshing with their honesty (“we need to be better”, “we didn’t get it done”
  • The Patriots respect for one and other both heart-warming and genuinely humble as well! (“He’s been an unbelievable guy to learn from, as a football player, as a professional, as a family man. The guy’s all in,” Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman speaking of QB Tom Brady).

Edelman’s comments,  as well as being informative were a reminder that winning/success at anything whatsoever comes from being “all in”

Please know that this mini post-Super Bowl rehash isn’t meant to be any sort of “me telling you or anyone what to do” as much as it is a note to self!

…a bit like sharing my personal journal…putting my own thoughts and personal admonitions on public display so as to challenge myself to walk my own talk…practice what I preach…seek and take action on my own TRUTHS.

Almost 2 years ago to the day I published my first book which, at its essence is all about going “all in”.

I’m afraid that “How the TRUTH Will Set You & Your Career Free” angered a bunch of people both in my industry and in cyberspace…

…it does expose and call out in no uncertain terms many folks on many levels. Anecdotal to this post the book challenged people to stop seeking silver bullets, magic tricks and or shiny objects to get what they want.

(While there are some wonderful reviews on Amazon) it is a bit wacky to think that most of those calling me out do so as cynics. These are folks who spend their time plowing through the internet trying to find some free tidbit to prove me (or anyone who doesn’t share the content inside of their own echo chamber) wrong.

Instead of seeking solutions in Brady-esque, “all in” professional fashion they’re out there disputing Brady, Springsteen, and Hill (not to mention other high achieving icons like Michael Jordan, W. Edwards Deming, Peter Drucker etc) …

…wanting to be right as opposed to taking a step or three toward “grown-up ville” and DOING what’s right.


Raise your hand and say “I” if you believe Brady, Edelman or any of the others mentioned above are trying to find quick fixes and/or free rides on the world-wide-web…

…I see very few hands 🙂

Even as the game was going on the cameras found Brady on the sideline, looking at the replay of a pass he had just thrown on an iPad type of device…trying to learn from his error…trying to be better…going “all in” to win.

Ladies and Gentlemen…boys and girls…

The door is open but the ride it isn’t free…those working on bettering themselves, thinking more critically, advancing toward their mission as “all in” professionals are bound to be the winners.


If you’re interested in a simple, succinct proven model to get you started on the road to “all in”…click on the image for my book below.

Amazon charges $15.95 for it; I’ll even provide the following guarantee…

If you grab a copy, read it and think it’s doesn’t genuinely help you move the needle from where you are to where you want to be…

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