About Barry

Barry began his career in executive search in 1973…(not before dinosaurs roamed the earth though certainly before fax machines were a part of the workings of every office).

A transplant from the Philadelphia playgrounds, public school system and The Pennsylvania State University moved to New York City fell into the executive search profession. A Physical Education major Barry quickly morphed his knowledge of career transitions with his lust to teach and began his hybrid (executive search/executive development) reputation.

Too many cold New York winters (along with his wife of now 40 years) were catalysts of his move to the SF Bay area in 1977…the early days of “Silicon Valley”.

As countless testimonials can corroborate the hybrid brand continued and remains…not only helping individuals find jobs but find meaningful work


Barry’s process/mindset for career success and job search sanity is documented in his book:

How the TRUTH Will Set You & Your Career Free

Beyond his “9 to 5” life so to speak Barry is a devoted Dad (and now grandpa, serves on various community organizations…

…during any number of evenings each week and often during weekends he can be found teaching (with youthful exuberance) the game of basketball along with its ancillary lessons to youth in local gyms and gyms in other parts of the world AND

Recently launched The Fifth Quarter Project...

…a non-profit providing advanced career development education and mentoring program for those still eager to compete in the game of life

APPLY HERE…each year The Fifth Quarter Project provides 50 scholarships to the qualified and motivated