Honoring all who have served…hoping to give something back!

Simply sharing the story below for what it’s worth…

UPDATED 4/10/14

at 12:48 PM Pacific…

We had 1,000 spots…

Only 253 remaining!!


This is National Volunteer Week which for many people
doesn’t mean much, but, for a million plus people it means
a great deal…

Count me in as one of those “million plus”

Back in 2009 I became aware of, then so enraptured by
a subset of those “in service” that I began to do what I could
to give back something to them

Via seminars, webinars and/or webcasts we proceeded to offer
countless hours of career development experiences, training
and perspectives to as many of those who “gave first” of
themselves as I could find…and my quest goes on!




Talk is cheap…time expensive…we’ve spent hours and
hours of time in our giving back quest (and decided we’re
not at all done)


Below are links to recordings of some previous events
The recording are rough cuts…not at all intended or designed
to be feature length films in their video quality or editing


All of these were so cool…these were so much fun…
In our inaugural webinar series alone we had over 300 people
from 23 states participate at various times…

They were all done on my time “and my dime” but I can assure
you I was the winner simply by virtue having a chance to share
knowledge and expertise to this great group of folks.

Back on February 18 of this year I had a bit of surgery.
Beside being INCREDIBLY grateful I woke up from it with an
epiphany that ultimately got sprinkled with some doubt
(I am absolutely fine by the way post-surgery and once
again, grateful as can be)

The epiphany; I wanted to have a “bigger footprint” with
my giving back!

I wanted to give back to more folks…”to a broader spectrum
of people”…including those who served the rest of us but also
to friends, friends of friends…friends of family…family

The doubt; Maybe I can’t help all of these people?
Despite the fact that I’ve done so countless times over all of
the years…

Despite the fact that part of my livelihood is now attained from
teaching these exact same concepts that doubt still surfaced.

But, here goes…

If it’s a bust I’ll be the loser of time, energy, resources and
reputation but then again suppose we all just stayed in our
comfort zone.



I came to realize that

Screenshot 2014-04-03 at 2.05.17 PM

I’ve done this before (5 years ago almost to the day)
and I’m going to do it again for a set a reasons both
complex and simple at the same time.
“How the Truth Will Set You & Your Career Free” is a
program I’ve developed during the last 10 years.

It is a program that now has a blog affiliated with it and, if all
things go according to plan (and my ADHD permits) a soon
to be a completed book will make it’s way to the Kindle
collection on Amazon.com

The overarching goal of all of the above is to teach
career success and job search sanity using (you guessed it)
the TRUTH as the key mindset for all questions, answers
and strategies.


To be 100% clear…

The program, the concept, the attached needed
actions (and the TRUTH overall) is



After spending 41+ years (51,660 hours) of my life in the
career development business I’ve learned that much if I’ve
learned anything.

“How the Truth Will Set You & Your Career Free” is far less
about just getting a job. It will absolutely help with that BUT…

It’s far, far more about building a career that emulates success
on your preconceived terms…

It’s specifically about targeting one’s respective vision of
the word success


“Most people spend their whole lives trying to climb the
ladder of success only to find it’s up against the wrong wall”
– Stephen Covey

“How the Truth Will Set You & Your Career Free” is not
about buzz-words, keywords, catch phrases and top
10 interview questions…

Those are tricks…some might call them magic tricks…
as one of my teachers said “If you want magic tricks go to a
magic store”…

“How the Truth Will Set You & Your Career Free” is about
clearly identifying your TRUTHS…

It is about clarifying (as you know yourself today) WHAT matters most to you, WHY, then, laying out a systematic plan,
each part in synergy with the other, bound by the common

Your TRUTHS and ultimately, HOW that single concept
alone can make all of the difference in all of the rest of your
working life.
Systematic plan of action or random acts hoping to get


Your choice of course…I’ve learned that hope is not a

We teach that:

  • The TRUTH is a brand
  • The TRUTH is a strategy
  • The TRUTH is a mindset

If you adopt those concepts…
If you own them…

If you live them through every conversation and
communication you have (both with others as
well as yourself) you’ve taken the surest road
I certainly have ever seen (in those 51,660 hours)
toward career success and job search sanity


Maybe now you see why “How the Truth Will Set
You & Your Career Free” is not in fact for everyone.

Most people think there’s a slicker way…some
subterfuge laden operating strategy that circumvents
targeting your passions and attacking them with the
steadfastness of an assassin.


Others think it can’t be done and that one is relegated
to “having a job”…getting a check and living a life
that’s far from the one they are capable of living…

Contributing to the world in a far less robust fashion
than that they are capable of…


We call that mediocrity and it’s a concept to be avoided
like one avoids the plague!!


I mentioned Dr. Stephen Covey above…

Dr. Covey been a huge influence of mine…urging me
and everyone who read his classic “7 Habits of
Highly Successful People” to find what he called
“true north”


Napoleon Hill, author of “Think and Grow Rich”,
in my mind one of the best self help book of all time
(40,000,000+ copies sold) said it differently
when he suggested each of us had a “definite
major purpose”…


True north…

Definite major purpose…


Any and all of these are the same thing…

It’s you trusting you…believing in yourself enough to
relentlessly, systematically (essentially ruthlessly) go after
the reason you’re here on this earth at all

“The TRUTH” is not for everyone; I learned that long ago…

(It took me 27 years to TRUST in my own TRUTHS and
it’s those years locked into my self-induced prison that 
are the catalyst of this entire program)


You can read my story here…you can believe in
yourself and write your own story facilitated
by learning “How the TRUTH Will Set You &
Your Career Free”


Our first session drew 373 people…this time
we’re expecting closer to 1,000.

I’m no techie but I’d imagine the technology we’re using
to make this event happen has it’s limits…

Please don’t register if YOU’RE not committed to YOU…

Save a place for another…be “in service” to another

If you are you committed to can reserve your spot

F R E E…NO CHARGE whatsoever…
Not this week…this is National Volunteer Week 2014

REGISTER HERE session: April 11, 2014

Details will come in your Inbox

Don’t be the “sad man (or woman) my friend living
in his own skin and can’t stand the company”…

Learn exactly “How the TRUTH Will Set You &
Your Career Free”

It’s our treat…F R E E for National Volunteer Week

All we ask is to tell a friend if at all possible