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“Time is the most valuable asset you don’t own”

– Mark Cuban, Owner of the Dallas Mavericks and otherwise billionaire


Considering all that’s at stake for those who’ve chosen to find work in a company not their own AND…

Considering the astounding number of hours you have spent and will spend on the job…commuting to the job…worrying about the job etc…

The job search process itself and career ascension overall is the single most understood investment 90%+ people make…

This is the single biggest lesson my career of essentially 5 decades in the executive search and development business has taught me…the biggest “aha” moment as they say…and it really took “only” 10-15 years of observations to embed it in my brain

I’m guessing if you’re reading these words right now you are in that group and want you to know…THERE IS NO SHAME IN THIS WHATSOEVER!!!

In my way of thinking this really is not your fault…(I blame the proverbial Jones’s and the educational machinery that’s been in place in support of them)

Great minds have purposes, others have wishes

– Washington Carver

From the time you took your very first job the prevailing mindset inflicted upon you was far and away more designed to “get a job” (as opposed to build a career, as well as a life of meaning, with balance and purpose)

Universities have a simple business model …get “butts in seats”, graduate them and get more “butts in seats”! As one approaches graduation companies come to career fairs and the race vs. “The Jones’s” begins. We become far more interested in the seemingly high profile company and salary than how this will be a signpost of spending “the most valuable asset you don’t own”

For those who began their careers in the early 1900’s the main thing was get the job that gets the gold watch…(Though not a gold watch, I wear a trinket around my neck to this day that was given to my own father after 50 years with his company)

If you did a quick search on LinkedIn for “Career Coaching” you’d find this precise reply: About 1,650,000 results!!!

The obvious indication is…

Even if each of these career coaches had only 1 client each…

…there are “About 1,650,000” people befuddled, confused, unhappy, misdirected or some combination of these as it relates to their career.

Once again…if you’re one of these…it is not entirely or in many cases remotely your fault!

The idea now though is to build a model that has a sustainable solution for building a career on purpose.

…and, whether or not you read another word or agree with any you’ve read thus far…


If you’re still reading (and understand you really must find a way away from the Jones’s) here’s my big closing line…

I really would love to speak with you AND am making the ethical bribe of buying coffee to emphasize the “really”…


If you’re asking it’s a fair and obvious question with a three fold answer:

1. I can and really want to (…only 9 per month though!)

2. I’ve had countless clients over the years so am confident it will help

3. It will help me polish my “chops” for similar 30 minute coffee-talks I’ll be having for the non profit I’ve founded (The Fifth Quarter Project)

If I don’t help I’m the loser…if I do though it’s WIN-WIN-WIN…and what could be better?



The single biggest “aha” I’ve ever had during all of the years working in the career success and job search sanity business is the true lack of architecture 90% of the population uses while building a career.

one-on-one with people to working with small groups in person to teaching how to successfully both find to a new job while enhancing their career[/text_block]