BACR/VISTA Career Development Seminar

In December 2009 I had the privilege, honor and pleasure of spending 5 hours with an awesome group of VISTA from Bay Area Community Resources (BACR)

We discussed the TRUTH and how for me that was the key component to success on both a micro level (job searches) and macro level (career planning and development) for all things career and life related.

This video was edited down from it’s original 5 hours….lost some pixels along the way but overall contains the message intended and shows “How the Truth Will Set You & Your Career Free”

It’s password protected to inhibit spam oriented comments so if your interested…no charge at all simply drop me an email: with Seminar Password in the “Subject” line

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“How the Truth Will Set You & Your Career Free” seminar for BACR VISTA (by Barry Kleiman) from Barry Kleiman on Vimeo.