How the TRUTH Will Set You & Your Career Free


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If you really and TRULY are seeking career success and job search sanity but don’t know where to start…READ THIS BOOK! If you really and TRULY are seeking career success and job search sanity, think you know where to start along with where you’d like to end up, but, could use some validation of your thought process (you do have a process right?)…READ THIS BOOK! BUYER BEWARE THOUGH! Read this book at your own risk! In these pages, the author takes you on a journey through your own mind, your own psyche and your own conscience. You’ll never find Barry “telling” specifically telling you what you “should do” OR “should be”…Instead, he provides a framework and methodology to assist you in asking yourself the right questions…WHAT are you TRULY trying to accomplish? Do you know WHY? (WHY is really important…can you write yours?) It’s only after you’ve come to those conclusions that you’re offered the systematic, energetic, unique, well-reasoned collection on HOW to make those things happen. (Again) BUYER BEWARE!!! Be prepared for a complete lack of pretense. Despite TRUTH looming in the title, the author shares a quirky, entertaining style that could only come from one highly skilled and experienced in the world of career transitions and the world in general.The TRUTH will indeed set you and your career free…this book will not only help you find yours…It will prove the tremendous power your TRUTHS have to you beyond any reasonable doubt!If you’re determined to live a lie…save your money…this book is not for you! If on the other hand the TRUTH is intriguing and you trust yourself enough to put it into practice…READ THIS BOOK!

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