It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

A well-known fact among anyone who knows me well knows how much I simply LOVE Thanksgiving…and of course I’m hardly alone. What can possibly be wrong with gratitude, family, friends and food? Another well-known fact among anyone who knows me well also knows that I can be a wee bit of a “scrooge” around this time of year… It’s not that I don’t like giving (or receiving) gifts…it’s far more the anxiety that a seemingly mandatory custom of “having” to do so can cause. Those Read more [...]

Mackay Wisdom – We All Get Angry At Work Sometimes

  It's been many moons since I personally have worked IN a large corporate environment. (MANY moons!) With that said, there’s not a week that has gone by during each of those many moons that I haven’t been in dialogue with a client whose day to day life is in such a culture so... It was with great interest that I read a really well-written piece by Harvey MacKay this morning and now thought to share here. (It's on the long side so I’ve broken it into pieces) !!!If you’re Read more [...]

What it is, what it is…(Rock Steady)

For anyone wondering why a guy who does the type of consulting that I do (career and small business) is writing and quoting the thoughts, words, and works of a woman whose blog is about "survival" allow me to explain...the reasons are two-fold: It's been taught to me by teachers and coaches of mine that not considering the thoughts, mindsets, and perspectives of people outside of my sphere is pretty much assinine (and I don't aspire to be that guy!) I find the work of Daisy Luther (author/owner Read more [...]

Remembering Clarence Clemons (Mostly in the words of Bruce Springsteen)

'Clarence doesn’t leave the E Street Band when he dies. He leaves when we die' Today is January 11, 2018 which, in and of itself is absolutely amazing... Today would have also been the 76th birthday of "C"...The Big Man, Clarence Clemons In any case if you knew me at all you'd know that I relate almost every situation and circumstance in my life to lyrics from a song (sometimes movie lines but mostly song lyrics). One could certainly argue this point but I'm as sure as sure can Read more [...]

(Gratitude Week) He fought…

He Fought... Somewhere around 1922, the three people in this picture, along with 1-2 other/older family members left their then homes in Russia to "roll the dice" on a better life here in the United States. It goes without saying that had it not been for their courage, vision, and valor my family as it is would not exist...nor would the families of my brothers or cousins. It goes without saying that each of us owes these people an unquantifiable amount of gratitude, respect, and love. It Read more [...]
“So much has happened to me that I don’t understand… All I remember is being 5 years old following behind you at the beach Tracing your footprints in the sand Tryin’ to walk like a man” Walk Like A Man- Bruce Springsteen At some level, in my trade, losing touch is akin to career malpractice or maybe even career suicide but the realities of life are what they are, so, here I am today simply saying “hello”, hoping you and yours are well… ...sharing briefly where Read more [...]

I’m Tiger Woods!

"I'm Tiger Woods!" This quick phrase, not dissimilar to "Got Milk"? was the tagline of a very successful ad campaign a few years back. It was successful simply because everyone around, not just golfers repeated the line wanting to separate themselves from the pack by extolling their excellence at some thing. Well, milk still does many "a body good" but nobody now repeats the phrase "I'm Tiger Woods". In this life you must have integrity to have anything else. Tom Peters a highly regarded Read more [...]